When buying clothes for your baby boy, you need to consider various circumstances, such as weather conditions and different occasions; as well as thinking about practicality and comfort.

With baby boy clothes you want to make sure that you have all of the essentials covered, so you can rest assure that you’re prepared for all of your child’s needs.

Basic essentials

Finding the correct sizes for your little ones can be tricky – especially if you’re trying to measure a wriggly baby!

However, most good companies can give you useful guides that can use both your child’s weight and height to establish their size.

Bodysuits and Sleep suits

At the beginning your baby will need clothes that will offer ultimate comfort, in particular the type of clothing that can be worn while they’re up and about, as well as when they are napping during the day.

This is where bodysuits and sleep suits will come in handy for safety; look out for suits that are made of pure cotton fibers with natural thermal qualities.  This will ensure that your baby will be warmed up when he is cold, and cooled down when it’s warmer.

Other features to look for when choosing a bodysuit or sleep suit:

  • Press-stud openings to allow for easy and quick nappy changes
  • Poppers that are nickel-free to stop any irritation
  • Envelope necklines, as this will make it much easier to pull clothing on and off your baby’s head
  • Integral scratch mitts, to prevent baby from scratching his skin
  • Non-slip soles for when he starts experimenting with crawling and walking.


Pajamas are great for older babies, as they can help him to get into a routine by becoming more aware of the difference between day and night time.

Shawls and Blankets

These are great for both baby and you!  Not only can they be used to wrap around your baby to keep him warm during the day, they can also be used for if you decide to breastfeed and want to protect your modesty.

Hats, Socks and Mittens

As babies can lose a lot of body heat through their heads, it is essential to have your his head covered with a hat when outside.

Socks are useful in all kinds of environments, as they can create a layer of protection for their delicate feet.

Due to the fact that babies’ fingernails can grow very quickly, having mittens or scratch mitts are essential to prevent him from inadvertently scratching himself, particularly during the night.

Vests for Boys

These are really useful for the summer time as well as the colder months.  In the hotter weather a vest is a great alternative to a bodysuit and they can also be used as a bottom layer to other clothes, making it easy for you to either add or take away layers depending on the temperature.

Cardigans and Jackets

A cardigan can be used as an extra layer for your baby and of course a jacket will be vital for colder and wetter weather conditions.

These are the basic baby boys clothing that you will need from the moment you bring your baby home and will still come in useful as he continues to develop.