Welcome to Raunds.org.
We offer luxurious, earth friendly organic cotton baby clothing, organic bamboo sheets, organic cotton baby sleepwear, including organic cotton onesies,organic cotton baby hats, and organic soap for your baby or as a gift to that special little someone in your life. 

Our aim is to bring to you a selection of organic cotton baby clothing and related baby products that are affordable, deliciously soft for baby’s tender skin, of high quality, and essentially products we love!

All the products you see on our site, are made of 100% Certified Organic Fabrics. Absolutely no use of any chemicals or pesticides were involved in the manufacturing process. All dyes are eco friendly and all snaps and zippers are nickel free.

Because organic cotton is thicker, softer, and more durable than conventional cotton, you will find all our baby clothing and baby products keep their softness even after many washes, so baby’s delicate skin is always well looked after.

With your purchase, know that you will be taking part in making a positive contribution towards an ecologically sound world and providing a better future for baby, and Mother Nature.

Please browse our store at your pleasure, and if there is anything you are specifically after but don’t find, send us an email to info@raunds.org and we will do our very best to help you. Enjoy!

Why Choose Organic for Your Baby

Our bodies are capable of absorbing up to 60% of what goes against our skin. Your baby’s skin is five times thinner than your own, making it more susceptible to the absorption of harmful toxins into his/her body.

At Raunds.org we pride ourselves in working alongside nature by omitting the use of chemicals and pesticides. In choosing organic we are choosing to protect:

  • Your baby
  • The environment
  • Wildlife
  • The Farmer

Standard produced cotton is the most chemically treated fibre in the world! With pesticides and chemicals used in large quantities to speed up growth and kill pests etc, these chemicals and toxins can enter the body via breathing in or having them next to your skin.